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Wildlife and our last remaining wild places are being destroyed because of human action or inaction and because of our own short –term greed.

Peter Fearnhead, CEO, African Parks Network, South Africa

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  1. 29 July is Global Tiger Day! Pledge for Malayan tigers

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    The WWF Malaysia and Maybank are celebrating tigers from 29 July to 31 August 2020. 

    They are kicking the event off on Global Tiger Day (29th July) and finishes on Merdeka Day and the idea is to get us all to #KeepRoaring for the Malayan tiger.

    There are now fewer 200 Malayan tigers left.  And as WWF Malaysia point, out, we all need healthy forests - and forests need tigers. 

    #KeepRoaring to save Malayan tigers, save our forests, and save ourselves by taking action!

    They are us all to donate, to learn about tigers, to spread the word, and to pledge to save the Malayan tiger from extinction. 

    Pledge your support to make tigers a national priority so that decisions on policy, allocation of resources, enforcement and land management favourable for tiger conservation can be made and implemented.



  2. World Rainforest Day

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    Visit the World Rainforest Day's website Visit the World Rainforest Day's website

    The 22nd June is World Rainforests Day.  Rainforests are vital for life to survive on Earth.

    Yet every minute, 40 football fields of rainforest are lost.  This threatens our biodiversity and imperils earth’s health. 

    Natural climate solutions such as protecting and restoring forests could reverse global emissions by a third, according to World Rainforest Day.

    This day is held to celebrate rainforests and encourage us all to protect them.  If we can all unite and become a forest of action that rains on earth, then we can make a huge difference.

    The World Rainforest Day website has these things we can all do to make a positive impact on rainforests, today and every day:

    Ways to help rainforests

    1. Learn about rainforests and why they matter to each of us
    2. Donate to rainforest protectors
    3. Eat more plants and less meat
    4. Shop for rainforest friendly products
    5. Travel sustainably
    6. Hold leaders and corporations accountable
    7. Spread the word
    8. Host a safe, socially distant event

    There's more information about each of these positive actions we can take here


    Simple ways to help save rainforests

    Find out more from World Rainforest Day’s website.

    #WorldRainforestDay #TakeABreath #ThankARainforest  #BecauseTheWorldCantWait #TheForgottenSolution 

    This infographic and others are available to download and share 
    from the World Rainforest Day's website


  3. Petition to help the koalas of Queensland, Australia

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    Koalas Will Go Extinct If We Don't Stop Rampant Deforestation - Please sign this petition to help them

    Koalas Will Go Extinct If We Don't Stop Rampant Deforestation -

    Please sign this petition to help them 

    This petition is to the Government of Queensland, and's The Petition Site is running it.

    The koala could go extinct within our lifetime, according to researchers.   This is mainly because state governments have been much too lenient when it comes to clear-cutting in the koala's last remaining habitats.

    For instance, between 2012 and 2016, five thousand koalas died becuase of habitat lost, and 94% of them died because of rural deforetation.   Koalas in Queensland are losing ground to huge stores and skyscapers thanks to the threat of new developments.  

    Unfortunately, the previous premier rolled back tree-clearing laws. 

    The new premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk is thinking about introducing new measures which would put an end to endless destruction of the koalas habitat.

    This petition is about speaking up for koalas, being their voice, and asking the Palaszcuk government to pass new tree-clearing restrictions today.  The koalas can't speak up for themeslves - they have no voice.  We need to be their voice instead.

    Please sign here to help koalas.


  4. Please see this video from Gravitas - how nature is reclaiming its spaces due to the Coronavirus

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    Sometimes you see something on the internet or on television that really hits you hard and makes a point extremely well.

    I saw this video, this afternoon, and I wanted to share it with you.  Please share it with everyone you can.

    The ultimate message is that we SHARE this planet.  It demonstrates how dominant the human race has become - and how selfish.   I am not going to tell you anymore about it - please just watch it for yourself.   Here it is:

    Thank you, Gravitas.

    Please vow to make a difference today. 
    Find out how to reduce your impact on the earth's resources here.





  5. Save orangutans - Tell Governments to crackdown on palm oil fires

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    Did you know that the food you and I eat could be killing the last endangered orangutans in Borneo?                              

    Orangutans are being burnt to death and starved as the forests they live in are razed to the ground.  Why are these forests being destroyed? 

    Well, the forests are being cleared so that farmers can make room for thousands of miles of oil palm trees.

    A UN report discovered that palm oil is in about half of all products sold in supermarkets – it is in everything from cooking oils and margarine, pizza and ice-cream and soap.

    It is often used as an “eco-friendly” alternative to fossil fuels – but every time a farmer sets fire to the rainforest and underlying peatlands in Borneo, it destroys one of the world’s largest natural carbon sinks.   And it kills orangutans.

    Borneo, an island located in Southeast Asia, is split between the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

    Sign the petition to tell governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei to crack down on palm oil fires, and save the orangutans before it's too late!

    Sign the petition
    to tell governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei to crack down on palm oil fires, and save the orangutans before it's too late!

    Borneo orangutans cannot be found anywhere else on earth.  If we don’t act, they won’t be found in Borneo, either.

    Governments are fighting back.  The EU is very worried about this deforestation and it is phasing out palm-oil based biofuels for now.  Indonesia is contesting this decision at the World Trade Organisation, and hoping it will make the EU back down and change its mind.

    Luckily, some governments are fighting back. The European Union is particularly concerned about this deadly and rampant deforestation, and it is phasing out palm-oil based biofuels for the time being. Indonesia has responded by contesting this decision at the World Trade Organization, hoping to force the EU to back down and change its mind.

    Sign the petition to tell governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei to crack down on palm oil fires, and save the orangutans before it's too late!

    If you’re looking for products which don’t have palm oil in them, take a look at Natural Collection who have over 2,400 products which are palm oil free on their online shop. 


    Visit Natural Collection to see their range of Palm oil free products
     Visit Natural Collection’s website here.