Red Return Appeal to help Red Squirrel Conservation


Red squirrels are under threat.

The grey squirrels far outnumber them.

Trees for Life is a wonderful charity in Scotland.   They say grey squirrels were introduced into the UK back in 1870, so nearly 150 years ago.   Now, there are over 3 million grey squirrels in the UK and only 120,000 red squirrels.

So our red squirrel friends need help to ensure they have somewhere safe to be, safe from their grey squirrel counterparts.  They need somewhere they can go where the greys won’t infiltrate. 

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So Trees for Life are very busy working to rescue the red squirrel.   For 3 years now, they’ve been carefully capturing red squirrels from their strongholds and taking them off to areas of new forest.   So far, they’ve moved 132 red squirrels into six new areas.  And the squirrels have been busy settling in and breeding.  Locals have seen them in local forests and gardens. 

Trees for Life are naturally keen to build on this success. 

So they’ve got a Red Return appeal.   They are looking to raise £22,000 from kind donors and that money will used to re-introduce red squirrels to up to 8 new forests, safe from the grey squirrel population.  

If the fund goes over £22,000, then that money will go to other activities to restore wild forest habitat – all vital for a healthy biodiversity and good for wildlife.

Visit Trees for Life here to donate

You can donate here to the Red Return appeal and help red squirrels

Visit Trees for Life for more information

You can also squirrel away for information in their Red Squirrel Information Centre where you’ll find lots of facts and advice about red squirrels. 

Volunteering for Red Squirrels

There's Red Squirrel United  which lists local groups in the UK where there are gangs of volunteers working to help with red squirrel conservation.  Visit Red Squirrels United  here.