Save rainforest with a donation


The Amazonian Andes is one of the most species diverse region on earth.

It sits on the zone between the rainforests of the Amazon basin and the alpine ecosystem across the Andes mountain range.     Sadly, only 25% of this habitat is intact today.

The UK based charity the World Land Trust is working to raise £165,000 to enable its partner Fundación Jocotoco to buy and protect 400 acres of tropical forest in the Amazonian Andes.   It would extend the Narupa reserve and connect it with nearby nationally protected areas.

The danger is that unless this land can be bought quickly, a road will be built.  It would cut right through the prisine tropical forest and stop Jocotoco from creating a vital wildlife corridor between these areas.

Untouched by human development, these forests are home to an incredible array of species.  They include Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth, the Harpy Eagle, the Amazon Tree Snake, the Spectacled Bear and Andean cock-of the-rock, as well as the Puyo Giant Class Frog.  There are also 400 bird species on the existing reserve, and these include threatened species.

You can help by donating to the World Land Trust to enable this purchase to go ahead.  They have reached over £50,000 already but urgently need to raise £165,000 to make this purchase happen.