Sponsor a Wildlife Guardian


If you’re going to adopt as a gift, most people think about adopting an animal. But how about adoption somebody who can protect lots of animals for real?

Every day, many brave men and women put themselves at great risk on the front line of wildlife protection. 

Rangers, trackers, anti-poaching patrols, forest officer and dog handlers are just some of them.   They are essential to the survival of many endangered species, and they risk their lives to protect them.

Sponsor a Wildlife Guardian

Sponsor a Wildlife Guardian with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

You can sponsor a Wildlife Guardian and help support the livelihoods of these men, women and their families. 

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation funds key conservation projects in Africa and Asia.   The projects fight wildlife crime, protect natural areas and engage local communities in finding long-term, sustainable solutions to protect their native wildlife.  You can find out more about the Foundation's work here.

It’s a great way to help endangered species.   Help those who protect them.  Sponsor a wildlife guardian with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation