Conservation Charities - UK

Conservation Charities in the UK

Woodland Trust has over 500,000 members/supporters with over 1,000 sites covering over 26,000 hectares in the UK.  It protects and campaigns for the UK's woods, plants trees and restores ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people. 

World Land Trust is an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves, and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.

Rainforest Foundation UK aims to support indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect the environment and to fulfil their rights to land, livelihood and life.

The RSPB works on species recovery and large-scale conservation, to policy-influencing and inspiring change or action.  You may have seen their "Give wildlife a home and they will come" adverts on the TV.  

The WIldlife Trusts care for 2,300 diverse and beautiful nature reserves, from remote woods and rivers to inner city nature parks.  It also runs marine conservation projects around the coast and campaign for protection of our seas.

Marine Conservation Society champions the need for marine wildlife protectionsustainable fisheries and clean seas and beaches

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels  is a project to stop the decline of Scotland’s core red squirrel populations. 

CPRE The Campaign for Rural England campaigns for a beautiful and living countryside and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.

Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. 

National Trust  looks after coastline, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages, historic houses, gardens, mills and pubs. It restores them, protects them and opens them up - and also works to protect wildlife

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust - WWT works across the UK and the world to save wetlands for wildlife and people

Canal and River Trust - Our canals and rivers bring nature right into the heart of our cities. They connect a number of habitats for precious and endangered species and , amongst other things, their environment experts are dedicated to developing and caring for this wildlife superhighway